Readings in Technology in Education

Proceedings of the 12th ICICTE

Session 1: Integrating Theory and Practice into Design

Session 2: Building Classrooms of the 21st Century: Promising Tools and Formats

Session 3: Learning Preferences and Differences 

Session 4: ICT in Specific Contexts    

Session 5: Academic Sources and Resources: Illuminations and Cautions  

Session 6: Case Studies 

Session 7: Reaching out and Reaching in

Session 8: ICT in the Classroom: Prospects and Challenges   

Session 9: Social Networking in Learning Environments  

Session 10: Social Networking: The Element of Discernment  

Session 11: ICT Connecting with the Work Environment

Session 12: Preparing Educators for the 21st Century             

Session 13: A focus on the International  

Session 14: Hearing the Voices of Students

Session 15: Building Communities Online

Session 16: Online Teaching and Learning: Applicability and Impact

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