Research in Educational Technology: Development and Practice

Proceedings of the 2013 edition of ICICTE

Session 1: Professional Development via ICT in Higher Education: Preparation of Teachers and Others 

Session 2: Beyond Instruction: Business and community-work issues

Session 3: Effecting Changes in Higher Education through ICT

Session 4: Foundational Matters: Focus on various ICT strategies in primary and elementary school environments

Session 5: ICT from Classroom to University

Session 6: The Open Access Movement

Session 7: Feedback and Assessment for Improvement: Application of ICTs

Session 8: Improving On-Line Course Design & Delivery in Higher Education I

Session 9: Improving On-Line Course Design & Delivery in Higher Education II

Session 10: Simulations and Gaming in Primary and Elementary Education

Session 11: Power, potential, and potential challenges

Session 12: Innovative theories and practices using Web 2.0

Session 13: Country AND Inter-Country Level Initiatives with ICT Policy and Practice

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