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Photo: Marie Louise Kold

ICICTE 2016 will be held on the beautiful Greek Island of Rhodes, which is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and one of the largest in the Aegean sea. It is situated approximately 17.7 km from the coast of Turkey. The population is c. 130.000, of which approximately 60-70.000 reside in the city of Rhodes. Rhodes is called by the locals “the Rose of the Aegean” and deserves its name because it is one of the most beautiful of the Greek islands.

Rhodes has the oldest tourist history of all the islands of Greece and is famous all over the world. This wonderful Greek island, together with the islands of Kos, Crete, Mykonos, Santorini and Corfu, attracts the most tourism in Greece.

The island of Rhodes has an excellent tourist infrastructure, with modern Hotels of every category. During the summer, hundreds of charter flights land at Rhodes airport in Maritsa.

Rhodes town is separated by the big medieval wall into the new town and the old town. The old town is gorgeous, with its medieval castles, houses and streets.

At the harbour the visitor can find Mandraki, with its circular Market and the Cafes at the seafront. Further on are the Art Deco buildings of the Metropolis from the times of the Italian occupation. At  the entrance of the harbour are the famous two columns with the two Deer at the place where the colossus of Rhodes was supposed to have been.

The ancient city of Lindos is another of the main attractions of the island.

Major national, European and world congresses are held on Rhodes each year. All congress facilities ranging from ancient theatres to the medieval palace, or ultra-modern buildings meet the necessary operating and technological specifications.

Surrounding islets: To the southwest lie the islets of Karavolas and Ktenies, with wild natural beauty, while to the west is a group of islets in the triangle formed by Alimia - Halki - Rhodes. The islets of Makri, Strongyli and Strongylo lie off Rhodes' western coast.

The geographical location of Rhodes: The wonderful island of Rhodes, as one can see on a map of Greece, is located in the south east Aegean, in the Dodecanese, south of Kos and east of Karpathos. Very near to the northeast part of the island is the coast of Asia Minor.

(largely from www.rhodestravels.com/)

The Greek Island of Rhodes is  the largest of the Dodecanese Islands.



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