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Astronight: Viewing the magnificent sky above Corfu

2009: The International Year of Astronomy

Friday, July 10



The Astronomical Society of Corfu invites conference participants to observe the magnificent sky above Corfu on Friday, July 10. The observation will start at 9:30 at the Vlacherna chapel right under the Hotel (opposite Pontikonisi island). This is the perfect location because we will be able to observe a wide part of the sky. We intend to stay until 11:30 but if there is great interest we can go later.


We will observe Saturn (visible 9:3010:00), Jupiter, the moon (visible from 10:30) as well as constellations and nebulae.Your guides for a tour of the night sky will be astrophysicist Dr Anastasia Pappa and observational astronomers Spiros Chondrogiannis, Telis Kotinas, Kostas Papadatos, and Amalia Poulimenou.


The Astronomical Society of Corfu was established in 1927 and attracted 800 members from all over the world. In 1932 the Society was recognized by the prestigious Academy of Athens for their contribution to the dissemination of science in Greece. Ceasing their activities with the outbreak of WWII the Society was re-established in 1996.


The Society runs a library with over 500 books and 200 DVDs for schoolchildren as well as adults. They deliver workshops and presentations for schools and organise lecture series for the public. In the summer they take their telescopes and organise astronights all over the island.




International Year of Astronomy: http://www.astronomy2009.org/

Astronomical Society of Corfu: http://www.astrocorfu.gr/; http://www.astroart.gr