ICICTE 2020 will be held in the New Municipality Building of Pythagoreion on the island of Samos. Samos was were the conference started in the year 2000. This being the 20th anniversary of the conference, we thought it apt that the conference goes "home".


Since this year ICICTE will not be held in a hotel, as has happened in the last number of years, participants are encouraged to book accommodation through travel sites that offer such services. There is a large number of hotels around the Pythagoreion area, many of them within walking distance of the New Municipality Building. These vary in quality and prices, so each participant can find accommodation to suit their pocket. We are providing a Google Maps pin indicating where the ICICTE venue is for the convenience of participants looking for accommodation. You can find the New Municipality Building of Pythagoreion HERE.


Please do not hesitate to contact any of the organisers in case of difficulty.


ICICTE 2020 would have been held in conjunction with the Municipality of Pythagoreon.


Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions, ICICTE 2020 will be held online.


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