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The International Conference on Information Communication Technologies (ICICTE) is a scientific event held annually on a Greek island since the year 2000.


Aims and Themes

ICICTE seeks to address the many challenges and new directions presented by technological innovations in educational settings. ICICTE brings together an international community of scholars and practitioners in a forum setting. Opportunities for discussion on current thinking and practices in applications of technology to education are enhanced by the limited number of participants.

With the keynote speaker, plenary sessions, workshops, and forums examining the integration of technology into all facets of education, the conference provides participants with a forum for intensive interdisciplinary interaction and collegial debate. Those attending ICICTE are leaving with an excellent overview of current thinking and practices in applications of technology to education. Thematic streams will include alternative processes, procedures, techniques and tools for creating learning environments appropriate for the twenty-first century.


Conference themes include:

    • Pedagogy in the evolving tech environment

    • The architecture of learning; accessibility; the evolution of the classroom

    • Instructional design and delivery; evaluation and assessment

    • Strategies and tools for teaching and learning, simulations and gaming

    • Informal, non formal and formal adult education

    • Multi-grade education

    • Open/Distance learning

    • Impacts on educational institutions: effects on faculty, staff, administration, and students; curriculum and program development

    • Teacher training

    • Building communities of teachers/educators; cooperative learning

    • The internationalization of institutions and of education

    • Political economy and educational technology: Intersections

    • Effects on training institutions and industry

    • Intellectual property

    • Ethical considerations in the use of information technology in teaching and learning

    • The use of technology in education to promote democratic ideals, freedom, equality.


Organizational scheme – Conference Committees

There is a core group of more than a hundred scientists from all over the world that works tirelessly and with great enthusiasm on a volunteer basis to guarantee year by year the success of the academic and the social program of the conference.


The Conference Organisers, for the year 2014 are Southampton Solent University (UK) and along with the Justice Institute of British Columbia (Canada) they are responsible for all organisational details as well as financial management.


The Conference Scientific Committee is responsible for the selection of the papers that will be presented at the conference plenary sessions, the posters and the workshops following a double-blind peer review process. Selected papers are published in the journals that cooperate with ICICTE.


The Publications and Promotions Committee is responsible for the promotion of the event and for the publications of the conference: the volume of the conference proceedings which is available online and the the journals that cooperate with ICICTE.


Other Conference Features

The ICICTE Graduate Student Paper Award, first given in 2004 as the University of the Fraser Valley Graduate Student Paper Prize, recognizes the work of upcoming scholars and practitioners.


The conference’s social programs have always brought Greek hospitality to the fore of our meetings and discussions. Every year the social program includes the opening night reception, the closing ‘Greek Night’ dinner, two lunches, the “Philosophers’ Cafe” and other formal or informal social events.


The gorgeous, historical environment, the limited number of participants, and the intimate setting allow attendees to develop associations that extend into post-conference activities.



Corporate sponsorship opportunities

There is a broad range of opportunities offered by ICICTE to companies aiming at gaining exposure and communicating with the conference delegates as well as the members of the ICICTE scientific network. Please download HERE a leaflet that lists these opportunities.


ICICTE is confident that it can provide your company exceptional promotional opportunities at a premier conference dedicated to ICT in education.


ICICTE provides an opportunity to deliver a clear message about your commitment in the field, inform and update about your products and services, build brand awareness and build prospect databases.


Feel free to contact the Conference Director at nancypyrini@icicte.org or the Chair of the Steering Committee at Christopher.Barlow@solent.ac.uk to adjust a sponsorship package that will best suit your aims and needs.



There is a broad range of opportunities offered by ICICTE to companies aiming at gaining exposure and communicating with the conference delegates as well as the members of the ICICTE scientific network.




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