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The Growth of Global Virtual Universities and Their Impact on National Universities

Dr Paul Babich

Professor and Director of Special Projects, UK eUniversities Worldwide Limited, United Kingdom


In his role as Director of Special Projects, Professor Babich is responsible for a number of areas including research, evaluation, and comparative analysis of the service and IT system in terms of other offerings around the world. He has particular interests in cost effectiveness of e-learning, critical success factors for virtual universities, and comparative analysis of Managed Learning Environments. Formerly he was at Sheffield Hallam University where he was Professor of Telematics and Head of Department of Multimedia and Networks within the School of Computing and Management Sciences. Prior to this, he had been for many years at the British Open University, working as a project manager in several academic and support departments, ending up as Assistant Director of the Knowledge Media Institute. He has been a Research Fellow at the Mathematical Institute, Oxford and a project manager in ICL (now Fujitsu). He is active in several UK e-learning bodies such as the Association for Learning Technology and the Joint Information Systems Committee.



The Revolution is Over! So Who Won?

Dr Craig Blurton

Head, IT & Teaching Group, Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching (CAUT), University of Hong Kong, China


At the CAUT of the University of Hong Kong, Dr. Blurton is responsible for helping develop policy and participating in strategic planning initiatives focused on information technologies in education, identifying and working with promising academic staff initiatives in multimedia production, conducting research into the effective uses of instructional technologies, and promoting the use of IT at the University. He is Deputy Chair of the HKU Academic Council for Information Technology in Education, and Partnership Manager for the HKU/IBM ThinkPad computer program. Prior to coming to HKU, Dr Blurton was Associate Director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Classroom of the Future in the United States, NASA’s premier research and development laboratory for educational technologies.


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Dr Craig Blurton



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