Each year the International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education gives out a number of awards to those who contribute in an important way to the success of the conference, as well as to winners of its Graduate Student Paper Prize, Poster Session, etc.


True to the conference's constant endeavoring to foster creativity and reward excellence in ways that motivate, for the sixth year the awards will be original works of art created by Danish artist Marie Louise Kold. Each work is made up of a serigraphically patterned, individually patinated square of copper mounted on a varnished, black, wood backdrop. The image reproduced here is an example of the type of work being awarded.


The artist, Marie Louise Kold, has made a name for herself internationally with her ability to imbue metals with an emotional charge that turns them into art.


She has developed a technique of her own, which has its roots in the tradition of copper printing. She etches, prints and paints on copper, brass and bronze, so that the metal itself becomes the actual art object. She also patinates metals using different types of chemicals, so each work is entirely unique.


The backdrops for the ICICTE  websites since 2014 have been from details of Marie Louise Kold's works of etched and patinated copper.


More information about the artist and her art can be found HERE (on her website) and HERE (on her Facebook page).


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