Dr Simon Shurville, AALIA(cs), CITP FBCS, FHEA, Senior Lecturer, Information Systems School of Computer & Information Science, University of South Australia, Australia; Dr Sue Greener MBA, FCIPD, FHEA, Senior Lecturer in Management Education, Brighton Business School, University of Brighton, UK; Asher Rospigliosi, Senior Lecturer, E-Business & Management Information Systems, Brighton Business School, University of Brighton, UK

We examine media & technological determinism in the context of educational technology. We argue that educational technologists cannot take a ‘deterministic stance’ and should practice ethics founded on an ecumenical view of theory and technology. Taking a cue from social cognitive theory, senior educational technologists should also visibly engage in reflective practice leading to ethical outcomes to motivate less senior members of the profession to do likewise. We note the problem that many senior educational technologists are aligned with a particular theory and/or technology, which has helped them to secure their position. They will need to change their outlook in order to address these goals & this is very hard for senior practitioners to do. We suggest that action learning might offer a supportive route to personal transformation.

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